July 31, 2012

IconLGBT and straight people of any color, come have fun at the UK Black Pride

The upcoming UK Black Pride is taking place in London on Saturday, the 18th of August 2012. The 7th edition, supported by Stonewall, will bring together renowned artists and LGBT people from ethnic minorities at nightclub Ministry of Sound.

Many LGBT and LGBT friendly people are not necessarily aware that an alternative Pride is happening alongside the ‘official’ Pride of July, so spread the word to make this event universal and multiethnic!

The fight for the Black Civil Rights coincided with the one for Gay people in the 60’s, and yet they are often seen as two distinctive movements, which barely interact with each other. In the collective imaginary, contemporary homosexuality is still mostly seen as a ‘White’ thing. The amount of non-White LGBT characters in the mainstream medias, for instance, remains derisory.

UK Black Pride therefore opens a space for reflection and interaction around those topics, and creates a rare opportunity for LGBT people from different ethnic backgrounds to meet amongst themselves, but also to meet and exchange with all kinds of people about the visibility and the challenges of LGBT people from ethnic minorities in contemporary British society.

‘Together we are strong!’

The theme for 2012 is ‘Together we are Strong’, which is a brSoul Singer OMARoader invitation to gather not only the African, Asian, Caribbean and Middle Eastern LGBT people, but also all the LGBT people and their friends regardless of ethnic origin and sexual identity.

The famous slogan from the 70’s ‘God is a Black lesbian’, which was used at the 2010 Paris Pride, reminds us that we can all be Black Lesbians and that everybody can identify with this event.

 Soul musician OMAR to be the headline of this year

After successful previous years starring Jessie J and Ms Dynamite, this year’s special guest is the singer OMAR, a soul musician with previous collaborations as prestigious as Stevie Wonder and Estelle. There will also be a variety of DJs, cabaret, performances, films and educational workshops, several bars and even a VIP corner for the more Lesbian chic.

 Practical information and contact

Tickets are on sale on the official website of the UK Black Pride.

You can also follow the event on Facebook and Twitter for more detail.

Visit the Ministry of Sound website for info or directions.

Get involved!

There are plenty of ways to get involved for the event, so if you want to perform, volunteer or propose a workshop, just get in touch at

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