July 15, 2011

IconLGBT rights ‘will always be condemned’ in South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan became the world’s newest country this week after 99% of voters backed independence in a referendum. However, the new country’s government looks set to actively oppose LGBT liberation.

In 2010 President Salva Kiir Mayardit outlined his vision of an independent South Sudan with “equal rights [...] democracy, equality and justice” for “all citizens”. However, this promise did not extend to LGBT people.

“It is not even something that anybody can talk about here in southern Sudan in particular,” President Mayardit told Radio Netherlands Worldwide in response to a question about gay rights. “It is not there and if anybody wants to import or to export it to Sudan, I will not get the support and it will always be condemned by everybody.”

Gay sex has long been outlawed in Sudan, and remained illegal in South Sudan after the region was granted legal autonomy prior to independence.

Sudan was racked by devastating civil war for several decades until a peace agreement was signed in 2005. The independence referendum in South Sudan – held this January – was an outcome of the peace deal.

[via LGBT Asylum News]

1 Response to LGBT rights ‘will always be condemned’ in South Sudan

  1. J McK says:

    The world will be right one day. All we have to do is keep kicking it up the arse until it is.

Ruth Pearce


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