April 14, 2012

IconLip Service Q+A videos 1: introduction

In February 2011 Heather Peace (Sam from Lip Service) and Kathy Caton (BBC3) took part in a frank and fascinating Question and Answer session, as part of the annual Lesbian Lives conference.

Lesbilicious filmed the session and we’re created ten short videos.

To get you started here’s the first video, in which Heather and Kathy talk about how Lip Service went from nowhere to become the biggest BBC3 drama:

Watch the rest of the videos:

Lip Service Q+A 2: coming out, going for Frankie and the cut sex scenes

  • The impact of being an out lesbian on Heather’s acting career
  • On auditioning for the role of Frankie, “along with every other slightly androgynous actress in the UK”
  • The sex scenes you didn’t see – the kitchen unit scene that almost went too far


Lip Service Q+A 3: L Word, Shane/Franke and Twitter

  • The similarities and differences between Frankie from Lip Service and Shane from The L Word
  • On following in the footsteps of The L Word
  • Lip Service viewing parties and the Twitter fans


Lip Service Q+A 4: sex and the BBC

  • How much lesbian sex the BBC can show
  • Why Lip Service was on BBC3, and whether or not it could ever move to BBC2
  • Why Lip Service was set in Glasgow

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  1. Julie Storey says:


    I saw this but why there is no subtitles? It’s would be nice if it was. I’m Deaf and from Whitley Bay and I do watch Lip Service when it was on the last time. It’s was subtitles.



Milly Shaw


‘Define Me’ – Ryan Amador (featuring Jo Lampert)

The song DEFINE ME was released exclusively on Ryan Amador’s bandcamp (http://www.ryanamador.bandcamp.com/) in conjunction with Ryan’s live performance at the True Colors LGBT Youth Conference on March 22nd. It was produced by David Baloche for Grove Street Studios. 100% of its proceeds will be donated to organizations actively involved with the LGBT equality campaign. http://www.ryanamador.com/

April 22, 2013