May 26, 2012

IconLip Service review: Season 2, Episode 6 – The Finale

Lip ServiceDebilitating panic attacks and being a senior police officer don’t exactly go hand in hand. It’s a bit like being a blind truck driver or a constantly drunk brain surgeon. Possible, but not exactly ideal.

Sam’s partner found that out to his cost last night when she had to go for a little lie down not long after he shouted for backup. She finally got round to looking for him some time later, but by then he’d been battered more times than a selection of Scottish food.

The failure of ‘Operation Beehive’ (seriously? Did it involve going back in time and experimenting with Marge Simpson hairstyles?), finally tipped Sam over the edge, causing her to contract a near-fatal condition called ‘staring moodily at yourself in a mirror for ages while the audience looks bored and waits patiently for the next scene with Tess or Sadie in’.

According to the medical journals, Moodyboring Lesbitis can only be cured by extremely attractive doctors with no clothes on. Called Lexy.

I have to say I was very disappointed by this. I’d hoped the finale would work out differently, ideally with Sam being shot by Phil Mitchell lookalikes while Tess finally got it on with her hot doctor flatmate. Sadly it was not to be, although at least we got to watch Sadie break an unreasonably expensive vase.

Lexy leaving Tess’s play at the interval was almost as unforgivable as Sam’s drink of choice (generic blended corner shop whisky – don’t they pay police officers anymore?), particularly as Tess was having such a hard time of it due to Nora’s vendetta and Hugh’s constant texting. It was like the entire opening night had turned into an extended video game boss battle:

Vinegar in tea… defeated! +3 emotional resilience.

But at least Lexy’s disappearance gave Tess the chance to translate some of her disappointment and longing into a darned good performance. She looked like a distressed pug with her trembling lip and gigantic tear filled eyes. How could Lexy do that to her? She’s clearly evil. And by ‘evil’ I mean ‘extremely attractive and addicted to fixing people’. Boring Sam doesn’t deserve her.

Things didn’t go well for Sadie either who was reduced to tears herself by magazine editor Lauren. Honestly, why would you break up with someone just because they gave you a gift that later turned out to be stolen? Surely that sort of thing’s traditional in Glasgow, no one’s bought a present for a loved one there for years. They just get endlessly passed around – it’s their version of recycling.

But because she’s Sadie she didn’t go all emo on us and start drinking Glen Shiel out of the bottle, oh no. She broke into Lauren’s girlfriend’s gallery, nicked all the cash in the safe and broke a – ahem – £35,000 vase.

Yes, that’s right. Thirty five THOUSAND pounds. That’s ridiculous – nothing costs that much in Glasgow. If it really was that expensive there’d have been a family of five living in it, or it would have been in a secure lock up guarded by burly men with rottweilers.

All in all, it wasn’t a satisfying finale. Even if you’d been rooting for Sam and Lexy to get together (why would you do that? WHY?), the sex was overshadowed by the fact Tess was at home looking almost as glum as Sam usually does. But we did get to see Anna Skellern’s boobs again, which is the important thing.

Despite the unsatisfying ending, as a whole the episode was slick, funny and well paced. Lip Service really does seem to have found its feet over the last couple of weeks and it’s a real shame the series was so short. A couple more episodes would have given the writers more space to try out ideas and tie up loose ends, instead of leaving us dangling like a Scottish man’s unmentionables in a kilt.

At the moment it’s unclear whether there’ll be a third series as BBC have said they need to axe either Being Human, The Fades or Lip Service as they’re reducing the drama output on BBC3. It would be a shame to end Lip Service now, like killing a wobbly legged foal that had just learned to walk. If you want to show your support for the series you can like this Facebook page.

Conundrum of the Week: The mystery blonde who showed up during Sadie’s heist. Apparently she’s called Janice and seems to be some kind of double-crossing sidekick from Sadie’s rascally past… but didn’t Sadie used to work for a letting agent? Although to be fair, the fees they charge are criminal.

3 Responses to Lip Service review: Season 2, Episode 6 – The Finale

  1. CN says:

    I think the Janice woman was the one Frankie *didn’t* sleep with earlier this season but may be wrong…and it still doesn’t explain how she knows Sadie…

    As a big Being Human fan I don’t want to see it go and I doubt whether they will axe it since it has been popular in the USA…don’t even know what The Fades is, so I vote they get rid of that one and keep Lip Service AND Being Human!

  2. Heidi says:

    Totally agree with you about the Sam/Lexy thing . I really wanted to see Lexy get together with Tess. Sam is plain, boring and her character’s becoming wooden. Tess on the other hand is gorgeous, funny and sooo in need of some romance from a hot woman like Lexy. Come on LS storyline writers!! Sort this out for series 3. Please!!

  3. monkeygrrl says:

    Tess is my favorite. I used to be shy and a bit useless around women i fancied. Now I’m married I can finally see the funny side of how crap i was with women. Tess, your my hero

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