August 29, 2011

IconMinister disappears after revealing lesbian relationship

A minister in the Church of Scotland has sparked controversy by announcing her same-sex relationship and desire to marry.

The Reverend Lynn Brady failed to take her service at Newburgh Parish Church yesterday following the revelations, although another minister was able to preside. She was also absent from her home.

Brady’s congregation is split over the issue. The minister is understood to be popular but some parishioners feel that she is no longer suitable for her role.

“The congregation is divided over the issue of the minister’s sexuality,” explained one parishioner. “One elder has already resigned and others are considering their position. I personally do not believe it is right and I do not believe same-sex civil unions are right. Miss Brady has been a conscientious minister but this is going too far.”

Another member of the congregation disagreed with this assessment. “This is the private business of Rev Brady,” she said.

The revelations will cause disquiet within the wider Church of Scotland. The church theoretically voted to recognise openly gay ministers earlier this year, but observers have noted some confusion over the current policy on gay clergy.

A theological report on the issue of future gay ordinations is due in 2013.

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Ruth Pearce


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