April 25, 2011

IconJoan Armatrading to marry girlfriend

Singer-songwriter Joan Armatrading and her partner, artist Maggie Butler, are to have a civil partnership in May 2011.

Armatrading began her music career in the 1970s and quickly gained a strong lesbian following with singles ‘Drop the Pilot’ and ‘Love and Affection’.

She has been nominated for three Grammy Awards and two Brit awards, and she received the Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contemporary Song Collection in 1996.

Armatrading and Butler are to marry in Shetland on 2 May.

6 Responses to Joan Armatrading to marry girlfriend

  1. Thomas says:

    Today William and Kate Middleton .The Century wedding .It’s exciting

  2. clematis says:

    Bravo. Best wishes to Joan & Maggie. Affirm Love.

  3. Shai Sadu says:

    I met Ms Armatrading in toronto after a show at the Masonic Hall. Very warm and down to earth lady. Congratulations and continues success

  4. Matteu says:

    Congradulations Joan tour, Australia you haven’t visited. OZ
    land since mid 90′s… time for.
    Knew material still continue singing. Enjoy your voice to reclusive these days. Enjoy your
    honey moon!

  5. sylvia baker says:

    Congratulation Joan and Maggie from all your family and fans in the Bahamas. Much “Love & Affection.”

  6. mary mcgrath says:

    Joan, your music has made me happy for as long as I could remember. I am your #1 fan. Thank you. Maggie, take care of my girl. Joan, congrats and lots of happiness. love ya.

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