August 28, 2009

IconNational Front to protest at Reading Pride

Far-right group the National Front will be attending Reading Pride 2009 in order to protest against the gay community’s ‘flamboyance’.

National Front protesters plan to wait with banners in the centre of Reading town centre, where the parade is due to pass. The demonstration has been permitted by the police, on the understanding that no more than 20 people can gather to protest, and there must be no offensive placards.

“It is the duty of the police to maintain public safety and strike a balance between allowing protesters their right to lawfully demonstrate while making sure there is minimal disruption to the local┬ácommunity,” said Chief Superintendent Richard Bennett.

A spokesperson for Reading Pride expressed hope that the National Front’s protesters would allow the parade to pass through the town “without incident”.

“Reading Pride believes in equality, diversity and freedom of expression from all groups in society,” said the spokesperson. “We value all opinions both culturally and politically. We are more than happy to open dialogue with any group and hope that we could learn from each other.”

Reading Pride takes place on 5 September 2009.

4 Responses to National Front to protest at Reading Pride

  1. K says:

    Good on Reading Pride for so quickly and publicly taking the moral high ground. Way to outflank the extremists!

    I adore the idea of people protesting “flamboyance” with a parade and placards. Irony is apparently not found in the reactionary dictionary.

  2. Saintly Sin says:

    Well done Reading Pride. Some people are very closed minded but if we all keep our minds open there is hope for the world.

  3. Stupid ignorant idiots, they couldn’t learn anything from anyone as they as so narrow minded.

  4. Anastasia says:

    Is it just me, or is that banner a tad ‘camp’?