September 21, 2011

IconNewlyweds to sue after Thompson honeymoon ‘nightmare’

A lesbian couple claim that they were treated in a “homophobic manner” during a Thompson holiday in the Dominican Republic.

After their honeymoon the couple contacted a local radio station to complain about the travel company. They said that staff were “dismissive” of their relationship whilst other couples on the same trip were treated “like VIPs”.

“We expected a stress-free holiday in the sunshine but it was a daily nightmare of disappointment and complaints,” said Tasmin Harper.

“Every other couple got three or four complimentary candlelit meals with wine – we didn’t get one. There was supposed to be complimentary fruit and rum in our room as honeymooners but that never appeared.”

“We did get a small bottle of rum on our last day but that was sent with the card, ‘Happy birthday Miss Harpex’. It wasn’t my birthday and that is not my married name.”

The pair were also excluded from a dancing competition, denied a meal booking, and moved along with 60 other guests to a second hotel due to booking problems.

Gemma Harman declared that the couple’s honeymoon had been “ruined” by the experience. “We got on the plane home and cried,” she said.

A spokesperson for Thompson said that the couple had been offered compensation for their treatment, which he argued was the result of a “communication breakdown” rather than their sexual orientation.

“Unfortunately we let them down but we let them down as customers,” he said. “We got the customer service wrong and they are wrong to believe it was anything to do with them personally.”

“The holiday didn’t live up to their expectations and it didn’t live up to our standards. But it could have happened to anyone.”

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Ruth Pearce


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September 21, 2012