September 9, 2011

IconNominees for Stonewall Awards 2011 announced

The Stonewall Awards 2011 will take place at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London on 3 November.

The shortlists for both the Hero of the Year and the Bigot of the Year awards have been announced. These are two of the awards voted for by Stonewall supporters, the third being the award for the Community Group of the Year which will result in the group being given a cheque for £5,000. The other seven awards will be decided by a panel of judges including Gok Wan, John Partridge, football coach Hope Powell and television producer Maureen Chadwick.

The nominees for Hero of the Year are: musicians Joan Armatrading and Lady Gaga, drag queen Betty Bourne, Lesbian and Gay Foundation CEO Paul Martin and Roger Crouch, the father of Dominic Crouch who committed suicide after experiencing homophobic bullying. Crouch has since dedicated himself to raising awareness of homophobia in schools.

Nominees for Bigot of the Year are: Daily Mail journalist Melanie Phillips, Christian Voice leader Stephen Green, Bill Walker MSP, Brian Souter and Rt Rev Arthur Roache.

More information about the nominees can be found on the Stonewall website.

2 Responses to Nominees for Stonewall Awards 2011 announced

  1. Archie Freedom says:

    Your desperation and aggression is as scary as any oppressive regime in history. Let people speak!

  2. Change The Record OBE says:

    Paul Martin? Is a self-nominated medal/OBE off the Queen not enough for some people?

    What has he ever achieved other than swallowing up all the pride funding in Manchester and extinguishing smaller groups and projects whilst taking home in excess of 70k a year? not to mention the LGF’s persistent refusal to support the needs of Trans people, who are and always has been a vital element of the LGBT community?

    Stonewall need to lookup the definition of “HERO” as I think the idea anyone in Manchester or beyond is actually wandering around saying “this individual is my hero, so brave and heroic etc”. The LGF already gave him it’s own award for “Role Model of the Year!” – right so lets go and ask the 15 year old rent-boys that hand around touting for trade on the same street as the LGF’s plush new office and ask them who their “role models” are. WHAT purpose do made-up awards like this actually serve but to glorify rich celebrities and CEOs? This is of course my opinion and I hope it is not censored (as the LGF’s own website chose to).