August 31, 2011

IconOrganisers plan Moscow Pride in 2112

LGBT rights activists in Russia have applied to hold a Pride demonstration in Moscow every year for the next century, starting in 2012. The move is intended to highlight the “absurdity” of official bans on Pride.

“This is a unique case, because to us, no one has used a similar tactic,” explained Pride organiser Nikolai Alekseev. “We have found a loophole in the law and Moscow have decided to use it to show the absurdity of the ban authorities of our activities.”

Moscow byelaws demand that organisers apply to hold public demonstrations at least 45 days in advance. However, there is no upper time limit on how early permission may be sought.

“I think they will try to look for ways to ban it without looking stupid,” lawyer Nikolay Alekseev told Russian news network RT. “But in this situation it would be really hard not to look stupid. I’m really looking forward to such headlines as ‘Moscow authorities ban Gay Pride parades for 100 years.’”

“The entire world will be laughing at this, including the judges from the European Court. The Council of Europe will have to take steps to pressurize the Moscow authorities into allowing such an event to take place.”

Moscow authorities have banned Pride events for the past six years. Protesters have attempted to hold marches and rallies in spite of this, leading to attacks from police, fascist groups and religious fundamentalists.

The 2010 Pride ban ran contrary to a recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights.

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Ruth Pearce


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