October 4, 2011

IconPassports to acknowledge same-sex parents

The Home Office has announced that same-sex parents in the United Kingdom will be recognised as such on their children’s passports from 2012.

New passport forms will include the option to register “parent 1″ and “parent 2″ instead of a child’s “mother” and “father”.

“IPS is planning to amend the application form and associated guidance to deal with same-sex parents applying for a passport on behalf of a child,” a Home Office spokesperson told the Daily Mail.

“Currently, the application form provides the relevant boxes of ‘mother’ and ‘father’ to be completed. The new form to be introduced by December 2011 will in addition provide for ‘parent 1′ and ‘parent 2′.

“It is essential that any parent provides the necessary information on their status as parents or guardians when applying for a passport on behalf of their child. This protects the interests of the child and ensures that IPS is able to issue passports securely and safely to the right person. The passport application form is therefore being updated to incorporate same-sex parents.”

The move was welcomed by Sam Dick, head of policy at Stonewall: “These changes simply reflect the realities of modern life for families – making it clearer for same-sex parents applying for passports for their children and more straightforward for the officials who process them,” he said.

The Home Office is also currently considering the introduction of a gender-neutral passport.

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Ruth Pearce


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