October 7, 2011

IconQueer campaigners to block Westminster Bridge

LGBTQI activist group Queer Resistance are planning a “pink bloc” at the UK Uncut demonstration “Block the Bridge, Block the Bill” this weekend. Attendees plan to voice their opposition to the government’s proposed NHS reforms during the protest.

Thousands of people have signalled their intention to participate in the mass act of civil disobedience on Sunday 9th October, just days before the House of Lords votes upon the controversial Health and Social Care Bill.

“If this bill is passed, the NHS stands to be changed forever as the affects of wholesale privatisation kick in. It is important that LGBTQI people stand in solidarity with all the other people who will be on the bridge and make sure that this government, its millionaire politicians and the private health lobbyists don’t destroy the NHS,” declared Queer Resistance in a press statement.

“For LGBTQI people, whether they depend on the NHS for ongoing conditions or when they may need it the future, now is the time to stop these changes. It is vital that we protect our future health needs from being decided by private companies for commercial reasons.”

Queer Resistance intend to engage in “fun and creative” protest on the bridge. Previous actions from the group have involved sexual health street theatre, queer superheroes and zombies.

Block the Bridge, Block the Bill will be the first high-profile national demonstration by UK Uncut since the occupation of Fortnum & Mason in March. Over three thousand people have confirmed their attendance on a Facebook event page. The event has been publicly backed by a number of trade union groups, including Unite.

The official Facebook event page for the demonstration and a related Unite news page have been both removed for unknown reasons.

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Ruth Pearce


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