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April 27, 2011

IconQueer zombies plan Royal Wedding ‘celebration’

Anti-cuts collective Queer Resistance will participate in a “zombie flashmob” during the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton this Friday.

“Your Majesties, in honour of your nuptials your loyal undead subjects shamble with you into a new era of cuts and decay,” proclaim the zombies on their Facebook page.

“It isn’t about being negative about the Royal couple for us,” explains Ronan McNern of Queer Resistance, “it is more about wishing them well and offering up our life giving public services as offerings.”

“Everyone basically loved the idea because it works on so many levels, it is fun, theatrical, easy for people to get involved with and can be used to convey a serious message at the same time.”

Queer Resistance argue that a myriad of public services are at risks because of government cuts, including campaigns against homophobic bullying in schools, domestic violence and rape crisis services, hate crime initiatives, NHS referrals for trans people, disability living allowances and Pride funding.

The royal zombie flashmob idea has been attributed to trans lesbian writer Roz Kaveney. She recently suggested that the Royal Wedding “would be hugely improved by a Victorian Zombie Apocalypse flash mob, but that’s just me being a crazy person”.

Several other groups are also planning to demonstrate in London on the day of the Royal Wedding. The largest such protest is expecting over 1500 participants.

The police have promised a “robust” response to any disruption on Friday. Assistant Commissioner Lynne Owens told a press conference that any banners the public “would find offensive” will be seized.

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