August 27, 2008

IconGamble with the glorious lies of anti-gay Republicans

Nothing screams ‘hypocrite’ like making homophobic legislation in the office and making homosexual love in the bedroom (or in airport toilets).

Now you can celebrate the glorious lies of anti-gay Republicans with your very own gay really straight Republican Hypocrites playing cards.

13 totally not gay politicians are featured. The 52 cards are organised so that Clubs is what they did, Spades features a hypocritical statement that they made, Diamonds is the denial, and hearts feature an extra amusing fact about them. All the information on the cards is taken from news reports and police documents.

The card makers say they didn’t make the cards to try to ‘out’ closeted politicians or to criticise their actions, only to criticise the hypocrisy. Each person in the deck has either made anti gay statements or voted against gay rights in legislative bodies.

“Republicans have made denying gay rights a central philosophy,” explains the FAQ of the website. “If they’re going to tell us how to live, they should live by the ideals they espouse. We’d be happy to include any Democrats that spoke out against gays and ended up in an airport bathroom with a police officer.”

The Gay Republican Hypocrites playing cards cost $8.95.

2 Responses to Gamble with the glorious lies of anti-gay Republicans

  1. I want the deck of cards with America’s war criminals and traitors….

    how about some gw toilet paper?

  2. randy says:

    gay republican hypocrites cards. how do i order them?

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