June 6, 2013

IconShit people say to pregnant lesbians

‘Shit people say to pregnant lesbians’ is a video collaboration between Lesbilcious and the Short and Girlie Show. Inspired by personal experiences of being a lesbian and trying to conceive or having a baby, the video uses comedy to highlight prejudice and misunderstanding.

The video was shot in UK gay capital, Brighton, and features Kate Ballard playing each of the characters. It follows the popular ‘shit people say…’ YouTube meme, and as far as we  know is the first to broach the issue of lesbians and pregnancy.

The launch of the video coincides with the launch of The Fosters on June 6th 2013, the new US series of which Jennifer Lopez is the Executive Producer. The Fosters is a new drama from ABC Family which features an alternative family structure at it’s core; lesbian parents (a white police officer and a black administrator), the police officer’s biological son, adopted Hispanic twins and a foster daughter who has just left a juvenile detention centre.

In an interview with Rob Marciano of Entertainment Tonight, Lopez explained how her involvement with the Fosters was in some ways an homage to her lesbian aunt who had recently passed away from cancer. Lopez said “I thought of her often when I was thinking about taking on this project and the prejudices that she faced.”

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Georgia Rooney


Shit straight girls say to lesbians

The lesbian version of the ‘shit girls say…’ meme that’s been doing the rounds.

April 17, 2012