September 11, 2009

Icon‘Some people are gay’ supporters on Fourth Plinth

LGBT people and allies in London are being urged to visit Trafalgar Square on Saturday 12 and Tuesday 15 September to support two people using their ‘fourth plinth’ slots to promote Stonewall’s ‘some people are gay, get over it’ message.

Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth has been used as a ‘living monument’ since 6 July 2009. Members of the public apply to stand on the plinth for one hour, during which time they can do anything they want, provided it’s legal. The project is going on for 24 hours a day, for 100 days.

Two Stonewall supporters who independently won places on the plinth have both decided to use the time to support the Education for All campaign.

Stonewall is urging members of the public to support the two men by going to Trafalgar Square wearing ‘some people are gay. Get over it!’ tshirts.

One of the Stonewall supporters will be on the plinth on Saturday 12 September 11am-noon. The other man will be on Tuesday 15 September 9-10pm.

A live video stream of the Fourth Plinth is available on

Stonewall’s latest advertising drive with the ‘Some people are gay’ message has now come to an end. While the organisation received many messages of support, some individuals and groups expressed their anger at the campaign.

“We received many emails from people who simply don’t agree with equality and don’t believe we should tackle the homophobia that blights many lives including that of thousands of young people, who are bullied in our schools simply because they are gay,” commented Stonewall Fundraising & Communications Director Laura Doughty.

One negative email received by Stonewall read:

“I was completely appalled to find one of your posters on many train stations.This poster is clearly promoting homosexuality. We should be helping to decrease homosexuality not promoting it.

“This poster goes against the Christian religion and Islam which are the 2 main religions in the U.K because they disapprove of homosexuality.

“I would feel embarrassed if I was guiding tourists around London and they saw that poster. Would you put a poster which says ‘Some people are thieves, get over it’? I suggest that the posters should be removed.”

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Milly Shaw


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