January 25, 2013

IconThe best of lesbian and gay TV: a teenager’s view

In the last year or so I’ve noticed that LGBT characters have had some kind of baby boom and bred their way into the media. Now, being a teenager, I do love to watch TV. Factor in that I’m a lesbian and you get me, a little expert on what’s good to watch if you want to see some good LGBT TV. I’ve racked my brain, been to Narnia and back and I’ve come up with my top five TV shows that I would highly recommend to anyone.

The New Normal

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet; the new normal has just started airing over in the UK on E4, from the creators of Glee this whacky new comedy following the lives of a wealthy gay couple and their surrogate is definitely one to watch.

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Rizzoli and Isles

TNT American crime drama, Rizzoli and Isles has become an instant hit in America since it first aired two years ago. Rizzoli and Isles follows the lives of Detective Jane Rizzoli and Medical Examiner Dr Maura Isles as they solve murders in the city of Boston. Of course, having two female leads is a potent mix and just asking for the LGBT community to fall in love with them. I should point out that they are not in fact a couple but my god they act like one. The show itself has dealt with Transgender and coming out issues. You can catch Rizzoli and Isles on Alibi on UK television. I highly recommend it.

South of Nowhere

South of Nowhere is a US teen drama series, following the lives of the Carlin family after their life changing move from Ohio to LA. The show deals with issues such as homophobia, racism, abortion and drug abuse, to name a few. It has a similar feel to Skins, mixing realistic drama with light hearted comedy moments. I promise you each episode will leave you wanting more. If not for the storyline, for the amazingly good looking actors.


This show deserves a mention purely for the fact that there are probably more gay characters than there are straight ones. Set in an American high school Glee is all about being a misfit and about accepting yourself, not only that, the songs are pretty catchy too.

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Grey’s Anatomy

Until recently I hadn’t even heard of Grey’s Anatomy, a medical drama following the struggles of medical interns and their mentors as they attempt to juggle their personal lives with their stressful jobs. The main LGBT aspect comes in the form of lesbian couple Callie and Arizona, two female doctors working in the hospital in which the show is set. The show is excellently written and will have you in stitches one minute and crying uncontrollably the next.

2 Responses to The best of lesbian and gay TV: a teenager’s view

  1. Ffion Davies Ffion Davies says:

    Awesome feature! Needed something new to watch :) x

  2. amelia says:

    Good summary, and great to see these new shows coming through, loving Rizolli and Isles, super feminist and cool x