November 12, 2012

IconThe Story of Maria Miller and Her Not So Equal Propositions

It’s recently been reported that Maria Miller, the new Culture Secretary and Equalities minister brought in during the latest cabinet shake up, has announced that gay couples will be banned from suing churches that refuse to marry them by being prevented from using European human rights laws.

According to the Sunday Times, Ms Miller said:

“To make sure there is no element of doubt, we would be legislating to protect the rights of religious institutions to continue to have freedom on this matter. We would achieve that through some very clear and absolute locks on that freedom within primary legislation.”

This coming from the lady who is backing the ‘Out4Marriage’ campaign, thus leading to a headache as it seems she’s doing the typical political trick of ‘saying one thing and doing another’. What’s absolutely horrific about these claims is not the fact that Ms Miller is preventing people from suing churches if they decide not to marry a same sex couple. Of course, churches, and any other religious institutions, should always have the right to refuse, as it’s up to them who they want to marry, whether it’s same sex, a Christian and a non believer, or anyone else who have decided to celebrate their love. What’s utterly unforgiveable is the fact that Maria Miller has aimed this ban toward the LGBTQ community only.  It should be a blanket ban on suing churches, not just aimed towards the gay community, but society as a whole. Instead, she’s out casted and singled out a minority group

How can Maria Miller stand up and campaign for gay marriage rights one day, then propose such unequal, unfair, unjust removal of rights another day? I’m flabbergasted at the thought of any other member of society still has the freedom to sue a church if they wish to, yet if you’re gay, you can think twice about that. Please Ms Miller, I implore you to rethink this utter ridiculous proposition, and if you want to ban people from suing the church, then ban us all, not just the LGBTQ community.

Although at this stage the Equalities Minister’s proposition is just a mere proposition, but the very essence of the thought process that’s gone into it is absolutely terrifying. We have an Equalities Minister that’s proposing bans that alienates and segregates the very people she’s meant to be representing.

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”

George Orwell’s words have never rung so true.

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Ffion Davies


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