December 3, 2012

IconThe Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

It is already December and I know a lot of you are counting down the days till Christmas but are also slightly freaking out cause they are missing THE fabulous and original gift idea to surprise and overwhelm their honey under the tree. No panic! The Lesbilicious team synchronized their suggestions to help you get out of trouble. Enjoy and take credit on Christmas day!


The Parenting Book1 – Classic and always successful: Books!

Our writer Maria Burnham recommends Jeanette Winterson’s memoir “Why Be Happy When You Could be Normal”, a story about the search for happiness. “The Lesbian Parenting Book: A Guide to Creating Families and Raising Children” will please the couples who are already in the process of setting up a family, or will encourage partners who are thinking about it but need tips to get started! It can also be a subtle message for your loved one…


Gigola2 – A cult DVD to fill your long winter evenings

Winter is the season for DVDs. Among the numerous cult movies and series to have, we picked the Lip Service box set with the seasons 1 & 2 as a guilty treat for those who have a secret fantasy on Sergeant Sam Murray… If you aim to be more original and fancy, my suggestion will be two French movies that I am pretty sure no one has heard of: “Looking for Cheyenne” (Oublier Cheyenne), an unusual love story between two women who have different political and social views, and “Gigola”, the story of a scandalous woman dressed as a man set in Paris in the 20′s starring the ambiguous Lou Doillon.


Get your girl diamonds3 – Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friends

Our writer Sophie Cairns would go for something traditional like a sparkly necklace. A piece of jewellery is indeed a unique gift which lasts (just avoid if your girlfriend tends to lose stuff). Check the Diesel women jewels range for wicked ideas if you can’t afford the actual diamond thing yet.


Rainbow Converse4 – Shoes

Our writer Georgia T Rooney is thinking of getting her loved one some great Converse trainers. Double check the size before you order and be cheeky on the color! I personally love the metallic purple pair which my lover got me last year!


Tegan And Sara5 – Music

A romantic suggestion from our writer Renata Costa: an iPod with all the music she has listened with her love. If you are out of ideas, why not including the last Jesse J or the Canadian twin sisters Tegan & Sara!


La Dixieme Muse6 – A witty magazine subscription

Although you read nothing but Lesbilicious, why not get your lover a magazine subscription? It is a gift that you will benefit too and that will last all year long! You can go for lesbian magazines such as Diva, Curve, or La Dixieme Muse (get her to practice her French at the same time), but Time Out is also a great idea if you live in London, to get all the info about the hottest nights in town.


Vollmond by Pina Bausch7 – Tickets for funky nights out

Georgia is also thinking of gig or theatre tickets (it seems like her lover will be spoiled this Christmas). Our lesbian icon Pink is on a UK tour in 2013! For more intellectual stuff, Sadler’s Wells in London has a wonderful dance program for 2013 with some tickets under £15.


Spa for couples8 – Pampering

Treat yourself too for Christmas! A massage for two is a wonderful gift that you will enjoy together. Many spas now propose treatments for couples. Self-indulgence is a good thing! It is a perfect gift if you have something difficult to say or a favor to ask because your girlfriend will probably say yes to anything after thai massage and cucumber mask.


Mrs Geek9 – Geeky stuff

A geeky gift will be highly appreciated by many ladies. The Kindle Fire or customized accessories for laptops and phones will surely be a hit. For more extravagant and sophisticated ideas that will surprise (or scare) her, have a look at the technology page of Pinterest!


Get involved!10 – Involvement

Your partner already has all the items listed above? Help her take action to support LGBT people and donate! There are plenty of organizations out there who need money and support to continue doing a fantastic job: Stonewall, The Lesbian and Gay Foundation, Galop or London Friend among others. Put the receipt of the donation in a beautiful envelop under the tree and give your partner a giant kiss to show her how generous and wonderful she is!

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  1. merry christmas , lesbilious !
    a girft of book her lesbian.

Soline Marie


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