November 7, 2012

IconThe Votes are in: Marriage Equality Wins!

2012 is the year for LGBT rights in the US of A. Not only did Americans re-elect a president that has continued to fight for equal rights (thank heavens!) and reject a man that was intent upon revoking equal rights, they also voted for equality in four different states with LGBT issues on the ballots.

These wins have finally upset the 32 state streak of voters favoring anti-gay marriage laws. Finally that streak has been broken! To top it off, Wisconsin elected the first openly gay Senator, Tammy Baldwin, to office. When I think about what this means for the LGBT youth of America, I can’t help but beam with pride. What an inspiring role model for any young person with political ambitions and dreams. This is just the start of the future. High five Wisconsin!

On the ballot in Maine was an initiative to allow marriage licenses for same sex couples. Even though citizens of Maine defeated a same sex marriage bill just three years ago, it appears that the people have had a change of heart. Perhaps it has something to do with the millions of dollars the Human Rights Campaign has poured into the fight for equality, or perhaps it is just a natural progression reflecting the attitude of the country as a whole. Whatever the case, high five Maine for voting pro-equality!

In Maryland, Governor Martin O’Mally urged voters to pass Question Six, a measure that would uphold the state’s marriage equality law that was passed earlier this year. With the help of the Governor, the Human Rights Campaign, the NAACP, and hundreds of volunteers, Maryland voters stood their ground and chose equality. High five Maryland!

Earlier this year, Washington passed a law allowing same sex marriages. Today voters came out to uphold the law, officially making their mark on the history books. Over a million people in Washington came forward to cast their vote, and now loving couples can continue to get married if they choose, without discrimination. Washington, you warm my heart, and high five to you!

On the ballot in Minnesota was an amendment to the state’s constitution that would ban same sex marriages. Nothing like a ban of equal rights to rile a girl up, and the race was a close one. Thankfully for gay Minnesotans and gay Americans everywhere, Minnesota did not approve a ban on same sex marriages. Minnesota, you deserve a high five!

In addition, Iowa retained Justice Wiggins, despite some backlash after his support of gay marriage. Way to stand firm, Iowa! In Massachusetts, pro-equality Elizabeth Warren took the Senate seat. Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill retained her seat, defeating Republican challenger Todd Akin, the man made famous by his infamous remarks about “legitimate rape” earlier this year.

Like many of my LGBT family and friends, I breathed a smiling sigh of relief when Obama’s victory was announced. Yes, he has not been a perfect president, but he is an ally. And with marriage equality winning in four states, this election is a landmark one. HRC President Chad Griffin stated,

“When the history books are written, 2012 will be remembered as the year when LGBT Americans won decisively at the ballot box. The dreams of millions of fair-minded Americans were realized as discrimination crumbled and equality prevailed.” A powerful and heartwarming truth; high five America!


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  1. Carrie Lyell Carrie Lyell says:

    LOVE this article. High five Maria!

  2. Leticia says:

    I hope for this in Brazil too…