January 6, 2014

IconTop 13 posts of 2013

As Lesbilicious looks forward to a year full of tasty lesbian content, we bring you our top 2013 hits.

1. If you’re going to trash trans people online, don’t be surprised when they kick you out of their club

First up is Milly Shaw‘s reportage of Cathy Brennan’s being kicked out of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

The bar was holding their infamous trans night when they ejected her. Brennan, as many of you will know, has an unfortunate history with transphobia.

This story was the most read post published in 2013, received 2k likes on Facebook and a long thread of comments.

2. Is Rita Ora a lesbian?

This story really excited the lesbians out there! It’s a short’un by Georgia Ronney, but picked up 7,512 page views. Click through and find out the goss’ for yourselves…

3. Lesbian strip clubs: a feminist dream or a degrading nightmare?

This one by Carrie Lyell made us think. It’s an interesting concept, the hight of feminism perhaps, or just some good ol’ self directed misogyny.

Give it a read, and check out the comments – there’s  a lot of insight to be had there.

4. Is Avril Lavigne a lesbian now?

After all the fuss around Rita Ora, we at Lesbilicious began to wonder about Avril Lavign. Could that lesbian kiss mean what we think it means? Read on and find out…

5. Radfem 2013 cancelled: should we care?

As Radfem was cancelled due to a barring from the venue; Ruth Pearse sheds light on what ‘radical feminism’ is all about, the story with the cancellation and the dangers of such a movement.

This one sparked a lot of discussion in the comments section!

6. 14 First World Lesbian Problems


Well this one is just hilarious. Click on it. Click on iiiiit!

7. Legendary lesbian movie director Nicole Conn to host UK convention in 2014

Sharing her love for Nicole Conn, Georgia Rooney introduces us to the works of the writer/ director. This is all in anticipation for her ‘iConn’ convention which runs this weekend at the prestigious Brighton Centre.

8.Section 28 – a Thatcher legacy

Sue Curley educates us on our LGBT history under the Thatcher legacy. As a schoolteacher, she’s great at explaining things. A fantastic article. Go on, give it a read. And don’t forget to pass it on!

9. I now pronounce you wife and wife: Associated Press guidelines for same-sex marriage amended

A personal one from Carrie Lyell, here we follow her journey in carving out a path in lesbian wedding tradition.

With a plane-load of baggage behind it, the word ‘wife’ just didn’t feel right… until it did.

Since her wedding, the Associated Press have changed their guidelines, allowing for the official use of the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ in reference to same-sex couples.

Click on the headline above to read about her exploration.

10. Bisexuality: Identity and Experience

In this article Maria Burnham, our US correspondent,  brings us along to the Trevor Next Gen event, ‘Bisexuality: Identity and Experience’.

The event brought up a ton of topics, many of which shared with us by Burnham. She’s even provided handy links to some fantastic bisexual content.

11. Transphobia in The Guardian: no excuse for hate speech

We all remember this one. Ruth Pearce dissects Julie Burchill’s offensive Observer article.

Here’s an example of Burchill’s transphobic comments, “People can just fuck off really. Cut their dicks off and be more feminist than me. Good for them.”

Nevertheless, many felt a deep urge to throw their computers out the window. Lesbilicious applauds Pearce for soldiering through the whole article so we didn’t have to buy new laptops.

12. Gender-neutral kids books: Like putting Dynamite under a Kindergarten…

Sophie Cairns interviews yoga instructor and children’s book author Jesper Lundqvist on his most controversial work, ‘Kivi and Monsterhund’.

The book features all gender-neutral characters and created much uproar in its publishing origin of Sweden.

“For me, the great liberation in my writing is not having to care about what my perceptions of who little girls or little boys are, or what I might transfer to someone. For me, this is a little kid, first and foremost.”

13. Who invited “ex-gay” activists to the House of Commons?

This one by Ruth Pearce stunned us by highlighting that a debate on gay conversion therapy was to be held in Parliament.

Wtf? Indeed.

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