January 25, 2013

IconTop 8 Girls to Watch in 2013′s Music Scene

Around this time of year there are hundreds of ‘end of year/start of year’ lists about what to watch out for or what was the best voted by such and such.  Well, we thought give you a little breathing space before bringing you our collection of absolutely stunning up and coming artists who are destined for some awesome things in 2013.

Sometimes when I grab my iPod I find it difficult to know who to listen to due to the overwhelming choice of great music we’re blessed with.  As an editor of AltSounds.com and the owner of my own creative company specialising in the music industry, I’m lucky enough to find myself lost in a sea of talent, and picking my favourites is just like being a kid in a sweet shop!

So without further ado, here are our picks for 2013, an eclectic anthology of strong, talented ladies who are just sensational.  Whether you’re a fan of rock, electro, acoustic or grime, we’ve got it all!

Who: Heads Hearts

What: Electro Soul Bangers

Where: London

Why: These are one of the most exciting bands I’ve listened to for a while.  Their passion pulses through their electro soul that is doused in atmospheric nuance and cloaked in haunting yet seductive vocals.  If you’re looking for someone who can put on a show, write dense , addictive tunes that packs a punch, then you must check out Heads Hearts, or trust me, you’ll be missing out.

Who: Amplify Dot

What: Grime/Hip Hop

Where: London

Why: Amplify Dot is a 24 year old who’s been bubbling under the surface and been making some waves in the underground scene for years.  With props from the likes of Ms Dynamite, Mista Jam, Zane Lowe, Kano and a whole heap more, 2013 is set to be the year she’s going to break through and master the mainstream.  Amplify Dot is a gifted and artistic lyricist, who’s stunning rhymes are utterly spellbinding! Watch this space.

Who: AMiTY

What: Acoustic, Folk, Alternative

Where: Wolverhampton/Brighton

Why: AMiTY is an incredibly impressive artist, with a fantastic arsenal of anthems at the ready, 2013 is looking bright for this Brighton based lady.  She’s got an amazing personality, and a loyal following that’s destined to grow and grow due to the immaculate folk tunes that are sophisticated, exciting and endearing.

Who: RoxXxan

What: Grime/Hip Hop/Urban

Where: Birmingham

Why: You know that someone’s worth a listen when they’ve got three x’s in their name! Probably one of the highest scoring Scrabble names (if you could use names, I’m aware of the rules).  RoxXxan is a fiery lady with an arsenal of brilliant tracks and is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the grime scene and beyond. She’s already got the backing of the Streets’ very own Mike Skinner, and with her crude yet addictive lyrics drenched in some slamming beats and dazzling synths, RoxXxan is ready to make some noise in the music scene in 2013! Also, she’s Stooshe’s Karis’ beau!

Who: Christina Novelli

What: Pop/Dance/Acoustic

Where: London

Why: Christina Novelli has shot into the limelight after her luscious voice was used in one of last summer’s biggest dance tracks ‘Concrete Angel’ by Gareth Emery.  Not only was Christina’s voice a galvanising force that flowed through the entire piece beautifully, she also co-wrote the original track (the acoustic version is a haunting testimate to ballads) with producer Dee Adam! Christina was also a familiar face on Channel 5’s Candy Bar Girls, where she also showed her singing talents.  If you’re a fan of raw, gutsy and highly contagious pop with passion and attitude coursing through each track, then Christina Novelli needs to be on your playlists!

Who: Red N Pink

What: Electro/Soul/Alternative

Where: London

Why: Red N Pink are proving to be an almighty force to be reckoned with! Last week the girls won a fantastic competition to perform with the likes of Professor Green, Misha B and Chip all due to their talent and incredible uniqueness as well as their fantastic fan base that has proven to be a tremendous asset to the girls.  With an album rumoured to surface this year that promises tantalising electronic soul cocktails with an alternative edge, it’s definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Who: Hunter Valentine

What: Alternative/Rock

Where: Toronto/New York/LA

Why: Hunter Valentine are a hard working rock group with raspy vocals and pulsating melodies that promises to satisfy your craving for penatrative rock bangers.  It’s safe to say that having a dominant role in the latest series of the Real L Word has given them an excellent platform to showcase their electrifying, dense music, although their latest album Collide and Conquer is a testament of their sensational power rock capabilities.

Who: Kenelis

What: Rock/Alternative

Where: Brighton

Why: Kenelis are one of the most underrated rock groups I’ve had the honour of coming across over the past couple of years.  What I admire the most is their incredible hard working attitude and their commitment to providing excellent rock anthems that are laced with assertiveness, energy and vibrancy.  Their caffeine fuelled tracks are dazzlingly brilliant and offer the perfect recipe for a fantastic live performance.  Make sure you catch them this year!

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