October 20, 2011

IconUK lesbian artists band together to combat homophobic bullying

On 21st and 22nd October a collective of lesbian bands and musicians will be recording a song at Dean Street Studios in London. The song will be released in January 2012 as a digital download and proceeds raised will be donated to UK charities that aim to prevent homophobic bullying.

The L Project consists of a range of participating artists from across the UK including Horse, Georgey & Emma (Greymatter), Christina Novelli, Sandra MacBeth, Amber (HeadsHearts), Mel Sanson (Kenelis), Nina McCann, Sofia Antonia Milone (Geekgirl), O’Hooley & Tidow, Lorna Thomas, Leanna Goring, Juey, Jess Gardham, Amy Sutton (Neon Choir), Nicky Mitchell, Ella Chambers and Tara Wescott-Simms.

Georgey Payne, creator of the L Project, and singer-songwriter for UK lesbian band Greymatter says “we’re finding that most people know of, or have been affected by this issue, and just want to join in and help in whatever way they can.”

The song, called Breathing Life, is about the challenges of growing up as lesbian, gay or bisexual and the central message is one of hope. The message that “it gets better” is a core theme in the Stonewall campaign It Gets Better Today and the Diversity Role Models charity; both campaigns will be direct beneficiaries of the proceeds raised from download sales.

You can show your support for L Project by liking the Facebook page.

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Milly Shaw


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