June 6, 2012

IconLesbilicious at Ruby Thursdays, Brighton

2 Responses to Lesbilicious at Ruby Thursdays, Brighton

  1. Julie Storey says:

    Please please can you not put subtitles on the video for Deaf lesbian so we all can be EQUAL. If you turn the volume off then what would you do. Screaming saying please put it back on!! I would like to see more accessible for us Deaf Lesbian.

    You are so cute Georgia Rooney, how life treating you. Long time no see you.

  2. Georgia Rooney says:

    Hi Julie. Good to hear from you! This video now has English subtitles. Will be looking to have subtitles on all of our videos as soon as possible and any new videos will have them included. Thanks for the heads up! Speak soon, Georgia

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