September 4, 2012

IconWhat the Tory reshuffle means for women and the LGBT community

First spending cuts, and now female jobs cuts, all in a day’s work for a Tory Government.

Maria Miller

David Cameron’s new, reshuffled cabinet emerged earlier today, 4th September 2012, and the changes that occurred caused a stir amongst anti-conservatives and the general public alike. In particular these changes will see an adverse effect on women and the LGBT community.

In one day three women lost their job and only two new women were appointed into roles in the cabinet.

Jeremy Hunt, unwanted by many, replaced Andrew Lansley, as Health Secretary. Prime minister, David Cameron has given the role of Health Secretary to the man who tried to cut out the ‘NHS section’ in the Olympic opening ceremony, as well as trying to abolish the NHS in 2009. Ladies and Gentlemen, I suggest you take good care of your health.

Maria Miller, former disabilities minister – a woman – was given both Jeremy Hunt’s old role as culture secretary, as well as the minister for women and equalities role. Miller, whose previous work seems more in line with media than it does creativity, doesn’t seem the ideal candidate to advocate equality when some of her views include being:

  • Against gay adoption rights
  • Against human fertilisation and embryology bill which would give lesbian couples the ability to receive fertility treatment
  • In favour of defining homophobia simply as “freedom of speech”

Whilst Maria Miller was reshuffled into a new role, it seems a majority of the public would probably prefer if she was one of the three women to have been let go.

Other women who were seen to have lost their jobs were: Cheryl Gillan, Welsh secretary, and Baroness Warsi, party co-chairman. However there was positive news for Theresa Villers, formerly a minister for transport, who was promoted to Northern Ireland secretary.

Nadine Dorries, who once said she’d “never met a gay couple” that wanted to marry, is happy regarding the way the reshuffle has occurred, if you’re unsure or have any uncertainty about the reshuffle, this alone should be the reason for you to understand that it has been terrible.

3 Responses to What the Tory reshuffle means for women and the LGBT community

  1. Lucy says:

    Chris Grayling’s jump to Justice Secretary is also cause for concern. He was the one who agreed that Christian B&B owners should have right to refuse gays service before the 2010 election and now we’re allowing him to meddle in justice policy? I’m alarmed. Maria Miller and Jeremy Hunt also both voted to lower the abortion limit down to twelve weeks, against the advice of medical practitioners. We’re stuffed, folks.

  2. Jen says:

    You could say pretty similar things about the previous Tory equalities minister and the two Labour ones before that though. I remember Harriet Harman explaining how there’s no such thing as trans / genderqueer people from the dispatch box when she was Equalities boss!

  3. feministplus says:

    Plus, it’s an all-white cabinet. First time since Major as far as I’m aware.

Jordie Black


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