May 22, 2011

IconWin £12k wedding on ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’

BBC3′s ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ are looking for lesbian couples to feature in their new series.

One of the chosen couple will get £12,000 to organize their dream wedding, but the other bride will know nothing about the plans until the wedding day.

To apply to the show, email for more information.

1 Response to Win £12k wedding on ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’

  1. lele says:

    That would be so great to see. I like women too but I am single so this wont apply to me. However I’d love to see two women get married :D

Milly Shaw


The Sanctity of Marriage – 5 second film

Brilliant 5 second masterpiece by 5 Second Films: “They want to take our rights away? Well we want to ‘splode their heads!” Went one of the less-successful pro-gay rights protest chants.

September 21, 2012