August 8, 2013

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We had our 5th birthday this year. After five years it is still our priority to make Lesbilicious the best it can be, and to do that we need your help! Fill in our 5-minute survey and help us know more about you, our readers, and what you want from Lesbilicious. 

Your answers will help us understand our readers better so that we can produce more content that is relevant and interesting to those of you who visit regularly. The results will also help us to promote Lesbilicious to the advertisers who contribute towards our funding.

The survey is anonymous, but you also have the option to include an email address at the end of the survey so that you can be entered into a prize draw to win one of 10 Lesbilicious T shirts.

If you have any additional comments about Lesbilicious you’re very welcome to email them directly to

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to take the survey!

2 Responses to Win a Lesbilicious tshirt – take our 5 minute survey

  1. H W Griffith says:

    Good reading.
    Ive enjoyed many articles in your online mag.


  2. Mariel Villalobos says:

    Great magazine ^^

Georgia Rooney


Pussy Riot video

Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot were jailed for two years on 17 August 2012 for “hooliganism”. This video features their latest song and images of the band and their supporters. It was created by The Guardian.

August 17, 2012