August 26, 2011

IconWoW London lesbian boat party: review

Women on Women Events are a London-based company who promise “something different for professional gay women to network, socialise and have fun” – and based on last Friday’s boat party on the Thames, they certainly deliver, writes Kaite Welsh.

A collaboration with Diva, this was the perfect way to end the summer. We boarded HMS Lesbian Party Time (not it’s actual name) at Embankment, and set sail down the Thames to the strains of ‘I’m Every Woman’ – pop classics, a boat full of booze, and lesbians – what could possibly go wrong? Nothing, as it turns out.

As any five year old will tell you, the mark of a good party is its goody bags, and as we boarded, the lovely organisers handed us each one with a copy of Diva, the obligatory packets of sweets – the LoveHearts came in very handy for one Casanova, who successfully used one to get a snog – a pink glowstick and, of course, a sticker that read ‘I’m feeling very Lesbilicious today’, courtesy of this very website. ( I took great delight in explaining that I write for it, but realised we need to change the name to something easier to pronounce after a few vodka and cokes). The WoW girls were the perfect hostesses, and even the bar staff seemed to be having fun.

Although lesbian clubs, especially in London, can be a little on the cliquey side, here the atmosphere was laid back. One of the great things about the lesbian community is it’s diversity, and the variety of people there made the event fun and different. With two bars and a dancefloor, it could easily have been a floating version of the Candy Bar minus the Channel 5 cameras, but thanks to the excellent (and hilarious) Julie Jepson, the entertainment on hand catered for everyone, not just the party girls.

Even the most chilled out bar can have a meat market vibe on a Friday night, and although I spied more than one newly-introduced couple getting to know each other a little better, most people seemed to have something more platonic in mind. Although at £25 the cover charge was steeper than you’d pay to get into a club or comedy night, it was more than worth it. Whether you avoid Soho like the plague or are just looking for something a bit different, Women on Women offer an alternative to the usual Sapphic scene.

Kaite Welsh was on board the WoW / Diva Boat Party on Friday 19 August 2011.

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