December 1, 2013

IconYour essential guide to butch festive fashion

2013 has vanished in the blink of an eye! We’re all getting in the festive mood and if you’re anything like me, the camper and cheesier Christmas is the better. Your home will be dripping with decorations and you might even want to extend the festivities to your wardrobe.

But if we’re really (almost scarily) similar, you’re a self-identifying butch who’s exclusive to the men’s department. Little sparkly dresses and festive-themed jewellery will not be on the cards for you. So how, I hear you cry, do you get that coveted Christmas look? Never fear, my dear butches, I have some tips for you so you can look as dashing as you desire this holiday season…


1) Primark are stocking Christmas-themed short sleeve shirts. No, I’m not kidding. I’m obsessed with these! I bought the grey one which has a snowman pattern, but they also stock navy with Santa Claus heads, white with Christmas trees and green with Rudolph. Short-sleeved shirts are very fashionable, so, hard as it is, you’ll look more hip than you would in a Christmas sweater. A steal at £7 and they’re even kind of understated. Kind of. From a distance.


2) I never thought I would say this, but I’ve been seeing a lot of Christmas t-shirts. Next have varied designs, ranging from the classic elf body which cuts off at the neck hole, to snowflake designs and even snowman building instructions. New Look also have them in stock, on 3 for 2 and they have three designs – this can’t be an accident. Short-sleeved as the Christmas t-shirt is, it is totally appropriate bar or club wear. Last year, I wore a Christmas sweater for a spot of clubbing, and though I got compliments, I also got HOT. At around £10, I’d say it’s worth it to keep your cool this Christmas.

3) asos also stock the magnificent Christmas vest, if you really want to show some skin this holiday season. Maybe you’re spending it in an exotic location or maybe that’s just how you do. Either way, I recommend their £10 racer cut vest reading “Express Your Elf”.


4) A comedy spin on the (already pretty comical, let’s be honest) Christmas jumper is something I’ve been seeing a lot of this year. By this I mean jumpers with bad patterns, but then a self-aware slogan (River Island stock one which reads, “Jingle My Bells.” Charming.) While I’m not going to advise sleazy slogans on your sweaters this Christmas, asos have some really cute ones in. These include one which reads “Ugly Christmas Jumper” and one with the phrase “Cold Turkey”. Comical without being crass.

5) If you’re a classy calibre of butch, has Christmas cufflinks for sale. Just type in “Christmas cufflinks” and you’ll get a wide ranging selection. Any frequent cufflink-wearer will know that disproportionate prices are often charged for a quality pair, so considering this, Pennyfarthing Designs selling them for £18 is actually quite a good deal. However, if your budget is a bit lower, M&S have two very cute designs on sale for £6. The butch equivalent of understated snowflake earrings, these are a great way to make your formal wear festive.

Do you have any of your own personal festive fashion tips for the butch lady? If so, please share in the comments below and help all us butches look our Christmassy best this holiday season!

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