About Lesbilicious

Lesbilicious.co.uk is an independent web-based magazine, offering intelligent commentary on issues and news relevant to lesbian / bi women. We aim to present some of the diverse voices and opinions in the l / bi community, and we encourage debate and discussion on the issues we cover.

We are explicitly pro-feminism, pro-bisexuality and pro-trans.

A note on our language choices: we use ‘lesbian / bisexual’ as a short way of covering all women on the queer spectrum who don’t identify as heterosexual. And by ‘women’ we mean anyone who identifies as a woman.

Comments policy

We encourage all readers to offer their opinions on the stories we write. However, please note that Lesbilicious has to remain a safe and welcoming place for lesbian and bisexual people. For this reason we reserve the right to remove comments which we consider to be offensive. If only one section of a comment is offensive, we will edit the comment to remove that section.

Comments which contain any of the following will definitely be considered offensive: homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, racism, personal attacks.

If you think we made the wrong decision in removing your comment, or if you’ve spotted something you think should be removed, please contact Milly Shaw.

The Lesbilicious team

Lesbilicious is a collaborative website with articles written by a community of writers. Most of us are based in the UK but we also have representation in Europe and in the USA.

We’re always interested in adding to the writing team, so if you want to write for us, either as a one-off or on a regular basis. We’re also happy to cross-post with other blogs, so if you want to use some of our content, or think we could benefit from yours, let us know.

If you’re interested in joining Lesbilicious, take a look at the Write for us page.

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We finance Lesbilicious through sponsorship on the site, advertising through the shop, affiliate links to Amazon and running comedy nights.

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